Tuesday 16 August 2016

Today's Review: Cheez-It Hot & Spicy

I've never had a regular Cheez-It. I guess I always wanted to, but I wasn't exactly compelled to seek out an overpriced imported cheese cracker when there are already so many in the UK. My local Tesco have started stocking them now, but they're still £3.50 a box. Thankfully, they also had this spicy variety reduced to half price, so I had no problems snatching it up. These are cheese crackers with added Tabasco sauce. Woo mama.

As soon as I opened the bag, the smell of the Tabasco hit me. It's very noticeable, and they don't really skimp on it, these are definitely some spicy crackers, and they pack a great Tabasco taste. I would say, however, that it's a little too intense, the Tabasco hangs around on the palate for a while, as the taste of the cracker fades into obscurity. The crackers themselves are kind of overwhelmed, there's a definite cheesy hint at the beginning, but it does give way to the hot sauce pretty quickly. Not that it's a problem, the crackers are a good quality, and the cheesiness does stick around somewhat, it's just the balance is a little off. If you're after some spicy crackers, these will definitely do the job.

My rating: 4/5

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