Tuesday 30 August 2016

Today's Review: Hooper's Alcoholic Dandelion & Burdock

Excuse the overexposure, I was in a darkened room at the time, but I had to snap a picture of this interesting bottle I spied in the fridge behind the bar. Crabbie's Alcoholic Ginger Beer is a firm favourite of mine, but I didn't realise people were taking a shot at other classic fizzy drinks too. This is an alcoholic dandelion & burdock, and there's not much I can say to describe it, other than it's an alcoholic dandelion & burdock. 

It's a good job the bottle informed me this is alcoholic, because it certainly doesn't taste like it. Instead it's a sweet concoction with aniseed-like hints, a dark and fruity mixture that pretty much tastes indistinguishable from non-aloholic dandelion & burdock. While the flavour itself may be an acquired taste, I thought this stuff was delicious, and potentially quite dangerous if I could drink a whole bottle without tasting the alcohol. This is definitely one I'll be adding to my drinks of choice.

My rating: 5/5


  1. You can get this in Sainsburys - they also do strawberry and cloudy lemonade!

  2. I bought some from Home Bargains as I love Dandelion and Burdock, kept it in the fridge for weeks waiting for the perfect time to drink it, opened it tonight and love it, just the same as traditional pop but with a kick 😊

  3. I came across this recently in the past 7 days, put it in the freezer then in the fridge to wait for the perfect time (as Angie) and that was earlier today. And all I can say is that this alcoholic beverage is absolutely amazing!

    I remember the first time trying Dandelion and Burdock when I was a toddler. One of my first memories as a child growing up, in the company of my grandfather. It was a rare treat, but that first time I tried it I instantly fell in love with the drink. Very rarely, I come across someone who likes such a flavour profile. Since I had the one bottle I bought on Thursday last week and drank it the following Sunday, I went to my local shop who stocked it and bought them all. This is certainly a life long favourite of mines. I even stock an eliquid that had the exact flavour profile. You can find this by going to www.albavaping.co.uk and search for D'N'B or POP FREAK!

    and for those looking for the best flavour in soft drinks that I have found so far is Fentimans Dandelion and Burdock. Even comes in a classic glass bottle which helps reduce plastic pollution as well.

    Anyway, thanks for your review and block post! 5 out of 5 for me on this product for sure.