Monday 8 August 2016

Today's Review: Doritos B: Ultimate Cheeseburger

I gave Doritos flavour A a whirl yesterday, but there was still another one to try before I could decide which one I'd like to destroy. Hey, even slightly well known snack food bloggers need £20,000. So here is flavour B, ultimate cheeseburger. This was the most interesting sounding of the two on paper (not that the bag is made of paper), but also the boldest. Salsa is a relatively easy thing to pull off, and the Doritos version tastes pretty good. How do you fit a cheeseburger into a tortilla chip, and what does it possess to make it "ultimate"?

Despite my misgivings, I must say, I was blown away with this one. I've long proclaimed my indifference towards meat flavoured crisps, so I went into this expecting nothing great. But these chips have a lot packed into them. There's a nice, uniform meaty bass, with a little tang of cheese, it's not too strong, but it tastes like a burger, and that's as much as I'd hope for. But wait, there's more. There are nuances in the flavouring that produce some very burger-like elements, like some saucy hints that taste like ketchup and mustard, there's even a hint of pickle in here, and I know I'd have pickles in my ultimate cheeseburger. It's weird that purely based on flavourings I could detect all that stuff, and it all works together incredibly well. I thought the spicy salsa couldn't be beaten, especially by a meaty flavour, but I was wrong. I crown this flavour my favourite, and I hope it is spared destruction in the months to come.

My rating: 5/5

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