Sunday 30 October 2016

Today's Review: Maoam Fizzingz Pinballs

Damn, Haribo are really churning out the flavours lately. They're not skipping over Maoam either, as I found this bag of "fizzingz" Pinballs in Tesco today. Why there needs to be an extra "z" in "fizzing", I don't know, maybe it makes it sound edgy. But these are basically fizzy Pinballs. Now, Pinballs are great just as they are, so I was interested to see what this bag would bring to the table.

It's important to note that "fizzingz" doesn't equate to sour. Sour Maoams have been around for a while now, and they're pretty good, but these ones have gone for a different approach. They have the distinct sugary coating you would see on a regular sour sweet, but this stuff is more like sherbet powder, and it's similar in taste to that you'd find in Refreshers bars or sweets. It makes for an interesting addition to the exterior of the Pinball, but while there is a nice fizzy sensation at first, it doesn't last for all that long. There must be something about it though, because the interior of the Pinball is quite different as well. The original ones are very chewy, to the point where I've had jaw ache getting through a bag before. These ones have a harder consistency, but it's also quite... I'll say crumbly? They don't last as long as the regular Pinballs, and they have a somewhat gritty texture, which makes them seem overly sweet. The fizziness persists a little inside, so maybe that's brought about the change, so it's not all bad, but I can't say I prefer these over the originals. This is a good attempt at trying something new, but they don't really stand out for me.

My rating: 3/5


  1. I loved them. Much better than the originals and I love the fizziness

  2. Honestly they tasted weird and salty to me...

  3. I love them! I buy them freqently and no longer buy the normal pinballs (unless there's no fizzingz). I believe you're from the UK? Back when the 1st Harry Potter film came out, in the UK they made sweets including, fizzing whizbees, acid pops, chocolate frogs, and bertie bott's every flavour beans. I loved the fizzing whizbees but none of these sweets were produced for very long. The first time I tried the fizzingz pinballs, I was immediately carried back in time to eating the fizzing whizbees... they taste so similar! So that might be why I like them so much, but I'm pleased I have a 'replacement' for the fizzing whizbees I missed for so long.