Sunday 2 October 2016

Today's Review: Tesco Finest Beef Steak & Spiced Mustard Crisps

It's time for another new flavour of crisps, Tesco seem to be churning them out like nobody's business nowadays. These ones didn't exactly tickle my fancy, as they feature both meat and mustard, which I don't believe translate well into crisp form. But, for science, I figured I'd give them a go. After all, they might surprise me, or better yet, give me some ranting material for a negative review.

Well, they're better than I thought they'd be, but I didn't think they'd be all that good. The steak is quite nicely done, a meaty undertone that has an element of juiciness, it tastes like steak, but not so much that you'll be mistaking it for a T-bone on a plate. It tastes good while eating, but leaves behind that strange meaty crisp aftertaste. As for the mustard, I was hoping it wouldn't blow my head off with unpleasant spice, and it didn't really. It is quite intense, at times taking over the whole flavour, but there are some other spices thrown in that make it a lot better than just straight mustard. But while these aren't as bad as I thought. they're not fantastic. I enjoyed the experience somewhat while eating, but I don't think I'll pick these up again.

My rating: 3/5


  1. I thought these crisps lacked flavour and no real mustard kick which is a real shame, I also agree there is a strange after taste. Sadly I won't be buying these again

    1. I completely agree with this review of anonymus of 31st oct. The taste was too intense for either beef or be honest..I could not identify the taste of which spice was so strong that was overshadowing all the other tastes..I have a doubt if many people will like it..but I didnt...