Saturday 22 October 2016

Today's Review: Butterkist Coconut & Raspberry Popcorn

There are two new Butterkist flavours out now, which is always a reason to celebrate. I figured them coming out at this time of year would mean they're seasonal, but they don't seem to be thematic in nature. I was sent a bag of each to try out, and here's the first one (the other one is choc mallow, I thought I'd save the best sounding 'til last). Yes, while other popcorn companies have been exploring the savoury flavours, Butterkist are still working on the sweet ones (although their pulled pork was pretty great). I love raspberry, and I've grown quite fond of coconut recently, so a combination of the two sounded good to me. 

It says coconut & raspberry on the bag, but I really couldn't detect much coconut. Normally I'd consider this a good thing, too much coconut can really ruin a snack, but I was expecting a bit more than the fleeting coconut moments I got, the flavouring is pretty diminished. The raspberry element is much more noticeable, and actually pretty pleasant, a nice, slightly tangy, fruity taste that works well with the texture of the popcorn. Note it's a raspberry & coconut flavoured toffee on these kernels, so it's not going to be as great as popcorn embedded with real fruit pieces, but it holds up well enough. It's just a shame the coconut is so weak, if this were just a raspberry popcorn I might score it higher, but it doesn't really deliver on half the name. It's not a bad popcorn, but it could be a lot better.

My rating: 3/5

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