Saturday 8 October 2016

Today's Review: Haribo Scaremix

Even after releasing another differently flavoured bag of Starmix mere months ago, Haribo have brought out a Halloween themed bag that gives their classic sweets some "spooky" flavours. I'm not sure what counts as a spooky flavour, but they've got some blood orange in the cola bottle, bears and rings, so that's something. There's a seasonal offering in the toffee apple eggs, and there are also other horrifying flavours such as *gasp* blackcurrant, and *shriek!* cherry! There's also some blueberry chucked into one of the ring varieties, I know a guy who would absolutely class blueberry as terrifying, so I guess that's something. But enough about trying to attribute horror to fruit, how do these things taste?

These are pretty great actually, every sweet tastes like it says on the back. The lime bears especially are pretty authentic, while the blood orange provides a nice, dark, citrus taste. Blackcurrant and cherry are faithfully represented, and while the toffee apple eggs taste a little weird to start with, they're a nice addition that injects a bit of autumn goodness into the bag. The hearts, my favourite Starmix sweet, have a pretty wacky combination of blackcurrant and bubblegum, which is actually very tasty, not as good as the original, but a very interesting change. I can't really fault these sweets, there's a good combination of a lot of interesting fruity flavours, and it's pulled off very well. Definitely a new favourite Halloween release of mine.

My rating: 5/5

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