Sunday 9 October 2016

Today's Review: Haribo Tangfastricks

Turns out this Halloween we have not one, but two new Haribo bags to get through. I tackled the interestingly flavoured Scaremix yesterday, but this one is a different offering entirely. These Tangfastricks have the same flavours as the original bag, but with a devious twist. Some are super sour, and some are spicy. It's a great idea, I couldn't wait to be caught out with a chilli cherry, and I was looking forward to see how sour these sweets could get.

I don't know if it was a psychological effect, they got their chemical composition wrong, or I just got a dodgy bag, but any deviation from the original flavouring just seemed to start burning my tongue. There were some of these that were spicier than others, that definitely belonged in the hot category, but others were less fiery, which I suspect might have been the super sour, except they weren't super sour. All I really got from this bag was several waves of somewhat unpleasant heat. I know that it says some are hot on the bag, and these spicy ones are definitely not bad compared to other chilli sweets I've eaten, but there was just too much heat and not enough of the other stuff. I'd avoid this bag, it's more trick than treat.

My rating: 2/5

1 comment:

  1. I bought one of these tubs for Halloween. It turned out to be a slow night so the tub sat there until recently. The whole experience was pleasant to start with, but getting towards the bottom of the tub the 'hot' ones kicked in. We didn't actually notice that they were supposed to be spicy. This is NOT nice! I'm glad my young nephews didn't get to experience the burning mouth and throat experience as they would never trust me again. It's more of a trick than a treat for sure!