Friday 21 October 2016

Today's Review: Walkers Stax Paprika

Crisps in a tube, what do you think of? The correct answer is Pringles, as Pringles is the only answer. Others have tried and failed, Pringles reign supreme, but that doesn't mean Walkers isn't going to have a go at it. So here we have Stax, Walkers crisps in a tube. I'm guessing they're a limited edition for Christmas, although I found them in the regular crisp aisle. I chose the paprika flavour, because they only ever seem to release new kinds of crisps in ready salted, some form of cheese/sour cream & onion, and spicy, and the spice would win for me every time. 

These look a little... misshapen? I'm going to compare them directly to Pringles, I don't think that's unfair, they're the standard all tube based crisps will be measured by. In comparison, the Stax are slightly thicker, which leads to more crunch than Pringles. They're also flatter, which I think loses them points against the other guys. Sure, they still fit on your tongue in the traditional way, but I sometimes like to flip Pringles upside down and place them horizontally along my tongue, it provides a satisfying hit of flavour (you know what I'm talking about, right?) Doing that with the Stax doesn't yield great results, it seems a lot of the flavouring is concentrated on just the one side. It's a minor complaint really, but it's one that makes me side with the Pringles. In all honesty though, these aren't bad, they're just nothing special. They taste kind of nice, not particularly spicy, but there's some good peppery flavouring in there, could do with a bit more though. I had no problem eating quite a few of these, but I must admit the whole time I was longing for Pringles. They're just better, and these don't stack up. Ha, get it? Stack? Stax? Okay, I'll leave now.

My rating: 3/5


  1. Interesting review, I'm amazed you liked these, we had the Paprika flavour ones... And were convinced they were just a slight modification of Walkers existing "Roast Chicken" flavouring... All in all, I hope these disappear, they're just not worth it.

  2. I don’t understand what Walkers Stax are FOR?!

  3. No where near the lovely flavour of paprika Pringles... very disappointing. Also ..I'm not a vegetarian...but why do these contain pork?

  4. Yes I also want to know why the natural flavouring contains pork.
    I agree with your review, these are mediocre copies of Pringles and just shouldn't exist.