Wednesday 5 October 2016

Today's Review: Starbucks Citrus Mint Green Tea Latte

Alongside the Teavana range that I reviewed yesterday, there are a couple of tea lattes gracing the menu, that I was invited to try out the other day. There's a chai tea latte on offer, which is much like a chai latte, but a little more tea like, it's nice, but nothing extraordinary. The other latte, however, is an interesting combination of green tea and mint with a citrus twist.

Now, I never considered myself a fan of green tea, and just a couple of weeks ago I was saying how mint flavoured drinks should not be a thing, so by all means I should not have enjoyed this drink. In reality though, it's damn good. It has a nice thickness to it provided by the steamed milk, and the flavours in the tea and syrup seep through really well. The green tea provides a nice clean flavour base, which the mint then builds upon with a hint of freshness that doesn't overwhelm the rest of the drink. It's subtle, and blends in nicely with the tea, perhaps if it were just mint in the syrup I would have thought differently, but the citrus twist really makes this. There's a bold lemon taste throughout that really brings everything together, and there's a sprinkling of lemon essence on top to bring out more citrus notes. The separate elements didn't sound great to me, but they make a great combination, providing a fresh, filling and all round tasty latte. This is one of my new favourites for the season, that is until the red cups come around...

My rating: 5/5

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