Thursday 6 October 2016

Today's Review: Tesco Finest Spicy Thai Sweet Chilli Crisps

More crisps from Tesco, they really can't get enough of these new flavours these days. This time they're tackling the thai sweet chilli, something Asda has already done, but which paled in comparison to the mighty Walkers Sensations. I figured I'd see what Tesco's take on it is, I had some faith that maybe these could be as good.

The texture of these is a pretty good start, there's a nice crunch to them, and they're some nice, sizeable crisps. They definitely have a sweet element to them, but the spice is quite dull in comparison. There's something there, but it's really not enough to call these "spicy". It's not a bad flavour overall, there may be too much sweet in these, but it's not completely overwhelming. This isn't a great bag of crisps, but they're certainly edible. They're just very lacking in spice.

My rating: 3/5