Thursday 26 January 2017

Today's Review: Rockstar Punched Pure Zero Guava

Ahh, Rockstar, the awkward distant cousin of Relentless and Monster, the energy drink I turn to when the others elude me, or when a new flavour appears. There seem to be a number of different flavours available depending on where I am, so I'm never sure if I've tried them before. I'm pretty sure this is new to me, a guava flavour, zero sugar Rockstar. Guava is not the most well represented tropical fruit, but I enjoy it, so I figured this would go some way to scratching that itch.

Oh wait, no, it's not very nice. Despite containing no sugar, it still seems to retain that syrupy texture I find in the regular Rockstar cans. The guava flavouring is present, but it's distorted, more chemical than fruit, the tartness is too much, and coupled with the syrupy texture it just tastes artificial. Not refreshing, not very tasty. I guess the only saving grace is that it doesn't have many calories, but even as a diet drink it's very poor. I'll go elsewhere for my guava. 

My rating: 1/5

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