Friday 20 January 2017

Today's Review: Maryland Cookie Bites

We all love Marylands, right? Be they regular size, or huge, or bitesize, I can always get on board with a Maryland cookie. Well, now not only do we have cookies, we can also have thme covered in chocolate and piled in a sharing bag. "Sharing" is just a suggestion. As you can tell, I was pretty eager to get stuck into these, I ripped the bag open before realising I hadn't taken a picture. But oh well. These Cookie Bites comes in two varieties. There's regular choc chip, and choc chip and caramel.

I'll get it out of the way, these are good. The cookies are as good as you would expect from Maryland. nice and crunchy with a good smattering of chocolate chips. The chocolate coating makes these a lot more decadent, but it doesn't go overboard, it's just a nice thick chocolate coating that compounds the sweetness of the cookie. It does overwhelm the chocolate chips in the cookies themselves, but there's still chocolate there, so it's still good. In the caramel bag, there's a definite hint of sweet caramel throughout the cookies, it's a shame it's not stronger, but overall these are a couple of pretty good bags. Sweet, crunchy, a tiny bit sickly, but well worth tucking into.

My rating: 4/5

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