Wednesday 18 January 2017

Today's Review: Costa Coffee, Oats & Banana Smoothie

New year, new me. Out with the sugary drinks, in with the smoothies! Please note, this smoothie is 255 calories, with 30g of sugar. So don't go into it thinking it's a lovely healthy alternative to your regular coffee based drink. Go into it like I did, thinking it sounded pretty damn delicious. It's a smoothie with a shot of espresso in it, blended up with banana and oats, with a little bit of honey thrown in for good measure. I love coffee, and I love oats, so this sounded like a perfect combination.

Each element is very well represented here, at least the ones in the actual drink name are. The coffee is distinct, and rather than overwhelming the whole drink it provides a bold, solid base on top of which is layered a substantial oat flavour, and a fruity banana hit. The banana does come through a bit more than the others, but the oats floating around in there provide a great bit of texture and taste that makes this a well rounded drink. The honey isn't all that noticeable, I guess it's just there to bring the sweetness levels up to the right amount. I'm not too mad though, this drink promised coffee, banana and oats, and it delivers. A refreshing smoothie with a good caffeine hit.

My rating: 4/5

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