Friday 27 January 2017

Today's Review: Pizza Union Classico

I found myself in a pretty impressive pizza joint named Pizza Union last night. I could write about the pizza, it was pretty damn good, but what really got my attention was the dessert offering. There was only one, but by the sound of the description, one was all they needed. This is the Classico, a warm dough ring with Nutella and mascarpone.

You may notice you can't see the Nutella and mascarpone in the picture, but that's just because the dough is chock full of it. This is just a fantastic dessert. The dough has a slight crunch to it, but is fairly soft, and gives way to a sweet gooey combo of hazelnut, chocolate and mascarpone. It's a great combination of flavours, and thankfully the stuff inside isn't molten, despite my haste with biting into it. The temperature is not just a saving grace in terms of mouth protection, because the filling pretty much went all over my hands. I'm sure I could have fully utilised a knife and fork to prevent mess, but there's so much filling that goes everywhere I figured I'd just embrace it. Also, the cocoa and icing sugar dusting on top is easily inhaled while going in for the kill. I had a few initial chokes when I started tackling this, but I'm not mad. If I was going to choke on something, I'd probably choose cocoa powder. So yeah, this thing is messy, but it's also fantastically delicious. I highly suggest you get stuck in. This is what napkins were made for.

My rating: 5/5

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