Monday 2 January 2017

Today's Review: Lindt Lindor Orange

The dregs of Christmas chocolate are still hanging around, but apparently that doesn't stop me hitting the seasonal aisles to see what's been knocked down in price. This pack of Lindor wasn't, but I hadn't tried these before, so I figured I'd grab some. We all know Lindor are great, and the same for Terry's Chocolate Orange, so this seemed like a perfect combination of the two.

I was expecting the orange to be fairly intense in these, but actually it's a pretty good level. The orange flavour is definitely there, but is covered well by the chocolate and the truffle filling. It did get a little sickly after a while, but I assume that's because you're not really supposed to eat them all in one go rather than the flavouring being a bit off. No, this is a great addition to the Lindor range. I'm not sure how limited this edition is, but I'd like them to stick around. Great chocolate, creamy centre, lovely orange flavour. Very much like the baby of Lindt and Terry.

My rating: 5/5

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