Monday 11 September 2017

Today's Review: Kit Kat Chunky New York Cheesecake

The Kit Kat Chunky has always been a fine chocolate bar, and its many flavours have never let me down, from one of the first readily available peanut butter chocolate bars in the UK, to the more recent amazing cookie dough variety. Now we have another dessert wrapped up in Kit Kat goodness, this time it's the turn of the cheesecake. Basically, it's like your regular Kit Kat Chunky, but with a whopping 19% cheesecake flavoured filling. I like those numbers.

We all know what a Kit Kat Chunky tastes like, and it's the same stuff here, that nice thick chocolate, the wonderful crispy wafer. The filling is different though, and it's pretty great. To start with, it's plentiful, a nice thick layer of creamy filling on top of the wafer that is present through every inch of the bar. It's got a lovely creamy texture, and a flavour that's pretty similar to cheesecake. Of course it's not as perfect as the fresh made stuff, but it does have that distinct cheesecake-like taste, it's hard to confuse it with any other kind of filling. It's sweet, with a hint of vanilla, but the wafer is there to bring it down a notch and balance it out. It's a little odd pairing the cheesecake filling with a wafer instead of a biscuit base, so the entire cheesecake experience isn't to be had here, but it's a pretty great effort at replicating cheesecake in chocolate bar form. I hope these ones stay around for a while, I see myself getting through a few of these.

My rating: 4/5

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  1. i thought these were really boring, i didn't find the flavour distinctive at all. i bought 3 for £1.20 in Tesco and i would be hoarding the other two if i had liked the first one, but nah, bit boring for me. I reckon they should make a jammy one...