Friday 8 September 2017

Today's Review: Tostitos Mango & Habanero Salsa

Yesterday I reviewed the fairly sublime Tostitos lime tortilla chips, but I neglected to mention the salsa that I paired it with. After all, they're there to complement each other, the picture of the bottle is on the bag of chips. Being a spice fiend, I went for this hot mango & habanero salsa, and drizzled it all over those lime chips, as intended.

I was expecting this to be something with a bit of spice, but nothing overwhelming. It's actually hotter than I thought, not painfully so, but it's got a real kick to it. The habanero is very noticeable, and instantly hits the tongue. The mango is on backup to provide a sweet, fruity kick that mellows out the spice a little, but the heat still lingers in a good way. One of the good things about this salsa is it's not too chunky, there are some bits and pieces in there, but it's a pretty great consistency for drizzling, and emptying the bottle over a bowl full of chips saw it actually permeating through quite a few layers. It was easy enough to shake off any excess onto chips below as well, so I managed to get pretty even coverage throughout the bowl. It seems perfectly designed for spicing up your tortilla chips, and it tastes great. This is a fantastic spicy salsa that I'm sure to pick up more of in future.

My rating: 5/5

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