Wednesday 13 September 2017

Today's Review: Tesco Finest Sweet Potato Crisps With Sea Salt And Balsamic Vinegar

Sweet potatoes are just better than regular potatoes. There, I said it. I'll always swap chips for sweet potato fries, and although sweet potato crisps are generally a lot more expensive, I do love to shove a bag in my face. They're starting to become more common though, so hopefully the price will come down a little. Here's Tesco's latest offering, which is not only a bag of sweet potato crisps, but a salt and vinegar bag of sweet potato crisps. That's two of my favourite crisp types rolled into one.

One thing I really love about sweet potato crisps is that nice thick texture, that slightly greasy combination of crunchy and soft that's packed with that natural sweet potato flavour. Tesco don't disappoint here, these are some well formed crisps that pack a lovely crunch. The salt and vinegar flavouring is pretty great too, an authentic coating that has a nice caustic taste, it's pretty similar to the stuff they use on the regular Finest crisps. It is quite a bit more subdued due to the natural flavour of the crisps themselves, but thankfully enough shines through for this to be a very enjoyable bag. I hope more flavours are on the horizon for these crisps.

My rating: 4/5

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