Thursday 14 September 2017

Today's Review: Kettle Discoveries Salted Caramel & Double Cream

I thought salted caramel was ubiquitous enough already, but apparently it won't stop until it's in all our foods. Here we have some salted caramel Kettle Chips. Yes, salted caramel crisps, with a bit of double cream thrown in for good measure. Now, these aren't the first sweet crisps to have hit the market, Tesco brought out a cocoa and spiced rum for Christmas last year. But these looked to be particularly sweet and decadent, and to be honest I couldn't wait to try them out.

I often bemoan the lack of salt in many salted caramel products, but the opposite is true here. I can understand why there's be a larger amount of salt, these are crisps after all, so they're pretty much like salted Kettle Chips, with some sweet flavours. The caramel is pretty authentic, a nice sweet kick, although it doesn't last too long and the salt soon wins out. As for the double cream, I can't say it was very noticeable. There's maybe a slight creaminess contained in the sweet flavouring, but it's easily mistaken for the caramel, and it's all so short lived it was hard to differentiate. These crisps are a decent, unique idea, and they're not as awful as they may sound. They're just quite imbalanced, and could do with being more sweet, as wrong as that sounds. Let's see if these pave the way for some more sweet crisp flavours in the future.

My rating: 3/5

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  1. Tried them today as I never poo poo anything until I have tasted it , well I managed 3 crisps and also 3 of my family before we put them in the bin , not for us I'm afraid.