Thursday 21 September 2017

Today's Review: Tesco Caramel Latte Cookies

Here's a quick little review of these caramel latte cookies I picked up at Tesco. I've often found coffee flavoured foods lacking somewhat in authenticity. Coffee powder does not a great coffee product make. But the promise of caramel latte was too good to pass up, and I'm glad I took the plunge. These are some great, crunchy cookies, with a smooth coffee flavour. It's helped along by a nice caramel undertone that takes the edge off the slight bitterness of the coffee, and the chocolate chips embedded throughout are a nice addition too. It's not the most authentic latte taste, but it's pretty close, it didn't take me long to polish these off at all. Like a latte, but contained in a cookie. A lot better than I was expecting.

My rating: 4/5

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