Thursday 7 September 2017

Today's Review: Tostitos Hint Of Lime Tortilla Chips

Move over Doritos, there's a new tortilla chip in town. I'd heard of Tostitos as a fairly well known American brand, so I was pretty happy to see these massive bags on a stand in Tesco. So here's a quick review of the chips themselves, although I also paired them with the bottles of salsa created especially to drizzle on top.

Granted, the same company produce Doritos and Tostitos, but I actually found these to be a lot better. Where Doritos are fairly thick, these are light and airy almost, they seem a perfect consistency to whip up a serving of nachos with, although they're so light it's pretty easy to eat a whole lot in one go. It's a good thing they're so tasty then, a great corn based chip with a lovely hint of lime that adds a fruity tartness. I like the hint of lime Doritos, but I think these ones blow them out of the water. I'm pretty excited to get my hands on the other flavours available, as well as the bottles of salsa. Stay tuned for one of them.

My rating: 5/5

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