Friday 16 March 2018

Today's Review: Chee Zees

I don't know if these are Chee Zees or Cheezees, but I'll assume they're separate words due to the packaging. I picked up this bag in Tesco, in the American food section, for a very cheap 60p. I was hoping they'd be similar to Cheetos, and thankfully they are. In particular, they taste a lot like Crunchy Cheetos, which are my favourite kind of Cheetos. This bag contains some fairly sizeable, nobbly crunchy sticks that pack a lovely bold, cheesy flavour. 

I tried to differentiate how they were different from the big brand, but without a side by side comparison, I must say that I was pretty blown away by these. I mean, Crunchy Cheetos are available in the UK now, so these will set you back more, but I think the tiny bags of Cheetos you get here have disappointingly thin sticks, while the Chee Zees are satisfyingly thick, much like the massive bags of Cheetos you can pick up in the US. So this is a great way to get that cheesy, crunchy fix without breaking the bank. They even leave that telltale dust all over your fingers, it's an authentic Cheeto experience for a fraction of the price.

My rating: 5/5

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