Thursday 22 March 2018

Today's Review: Magnum Chocolate & Hazelnut Praline

Another day, another Magnum. Well, this is one I hadn't tried before, I have no idea how new it is. But I couldn't resist the call of chocolate and hazelnut in Magnum form. Here we have chocolate hazelnut ice cream, coated in more chocolate with more hazelnuts embedded in it. So basically, it's a bit nuts. Also quite chocolatey.

This is a good Magnum. I'm glad when they try something other than the classic vanilla ice cream, because they normally do it very well. I'm looking at you, pink raspberry. This is cream is smooth and creamy, with a rich chocolate tone and a great nutty flavour mixed in. Almost Nutella-like in a way. On top you've got your classic a Magnum chocolate, which has a lot of satisfying crunch packed in, adding to the overall hazelnut flavour. It's a great balance that makes this a pretty perfect Magnum. Another great addition to the range.

My rating: 5/5

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