Saturday 3 March 2018

Today's Review: Naipo Shiatsu Back, Neck & Shoulder Massager

The good folks at Naipo sent me this massager to try out a little while back, and it was extremely difficult to say no, since my back and shoulders ache a lot of the time. I've tried out Naipo's pillow massager before, but this one seemed more geared towards getting right into those shoulder and neck crevices, so I was pretty excited to try it out.

Basically, the massager itself consists of two sets of rolling nodes, which change rotation direction every minute while it's switched on. Those long straps there are for putting your arms in, allowing you to position and hold down the massager on the area you want, with the amount of pressure you desire. This is a welcome change from the pillow massager, which was just dependent on how hard you lean on it, although it is a bit awkward sticking your arms through the straps, I'd say it's a pretty decent way to emulate what being a T-Rex was like, while getting a massage. Still, it's pretty easy to change position and pull down with your hands to provide more pressure, so it's a decent trade off for a more precise massage.

Here's the main control panel, situated on one of the straps. It offers a lot more options than the pillow massager, in a very intuitive way. You can change the rotation of the nodes whenever you like, so you don't have to wait for the automatic minute change to kick in. You can also turn the heat on and off to your preference, though I don't see why anyone would want to turn it off, it's nice and toasty. Finally, the bottom button changes the speed of the rotation, ranging from a gentle to a pretty damn intense rub. The range of options is pretty great, but with where the panel is situated on the strap, it is a bit of a pain to change the settings while you've got your arms in the straps.

This is a very decent massager with a lot of great options, and it also comes with a car charger, so you can get that massage on the go. I'd suggest not sticking your arms through the straps while driving though, I imagine a T-Rex wouldn't do well at steering. Maybe this is one for the passenger seat. So yes, a lovely piece of kit, that gets right into those tricky aching areas. I've been using it quite a lot, and it provides a good amount of relief. The guys at Naipo have given me a voucher code to share with you guys, so you can get 10% off if you want to buy this massager. Just use the code LWDUJGW5 at checkout.

My rating: 4/5

Use code LWDUJGW5 for 10% off

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