Tuesday 13 March 2018

Today's Review: Snacks 101 Sriracha Popcorn

Spicy popcorn is a fairly new thing, but I've tried out a few over the last few years. Here we have a bag from Snacks 101, which is apparently the first baked popcorn, made with coconut oil, and only 49 calories per cup! How healthy! But blurb aside, how does the stuff taste?

This popcorn is a little weird, the texture isn't all that great, I'll put it down to the baked element, and I guess the coconut oil. It's a little soft, and when I think of great popcorn I imagine that satisfying crunch. It's not overly sweet either, which I guess is what contributes to the low calorie count. Still, what starts out as a bland popcorn does get better when the sriracha kicks in. It's a slow burn that takes some time to build up, but by the end there was a satisfying level of heat, not too intense, but a fairly nice experience. That spice saves what would have been an otherwise disappointing bag. This may be the world's first baked popcorn, but it makes me wonder if baked popcorn is really necessary.

My rating: 3/5

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