Monday 12 August 2013

Today's Review: Cinnamon Bun Bites

It wasn't only Cupcake Bites I picked up the other day, these Cinnamon Bites were right next to them, and I couldn't help but be tempted. While cinnamon is one of my mortal food enemies, I have been warming to it a little lately, especially in the form of cinnamon buns (or rolls). I was optimistic that these little bites could deliver a nice, sweet, slightly spicy cinnamon bun experience.

As I started these bites, I certainly enjoyed them. The centre isn't so much a chewy, uncooked dough like the other "Bites" varieties. Instead it's soft, and certainly tastes a lot like a right proper bun. The frosting was quite nice too, although as with the other bites, there was a lot of it, which kind of overwhelmed the bun flavour and gave the whole thing a very sickly taste.

After a few nice bites, I decided to read the box, and found out that instead of these bites being coated in icing style frosting, they're actually encased in white chocolate, for a reason I can't even begin to fathom. From that point, something in my brain must have clicked, because now I can't eat one of these bites without feeling a bit sick. The frosting certainly is chocolatey, and it really doesn't go well with the cinnamon bun dough. It's too much of a contrast between spicy and sweet, and they leave a terrible aftertaste. Perhaps it's not my discovery of the ingredients, but instead the return of my innate cinnamon hatred, that's messing up my tastebuds, but either way, I had to stop eating. It's a shame really, if they used actual cinnamon bun frosting I'm sure the whole experience would be a lot nicer. But seeing as I can't bear to eat any more at the moment, I can't really recommend them.

My rating: 1/5


  1. It's a shame you don't like these. Weirdly they are the only form of "bites" that I like.

  2. This made me smile - this is my favourite variety out of the ones I've tried so far!

    1. I don't understand what happened, I went from enjoying them to feeling sick after eating two. Perhaps it's the fake chocolate. I know I can't eat much Hershey's without feeling sick.

  3. If you ever spot something called cinnamon bun fudge, I can do nothing but recommend it strongly, even for a cinnamon hater.