Thursday 12 May 2011

Today's Review: Blogspot Not Working

So it's just gone 11pm, I just got home from work, I still need to write a review for today. What do I review? So many choices of random things, but let's open up Blogger first. 

Oh wait, I can't, because it's unavailable. UNAVAILABLE?! I have a strict self-set deadline to adhere to, there's only 50 minutes left, and I can't even get onto the site. How inconsiderate. Maybe they're overloaded, maybe some computers blew up. Maybe they were hacked by the same people as PSN, not that that would make any sense whatsoever. Either way, I don't care and it sucks. So here I am, writing my review in TextEdit because I can't do it properly. At least I have something to review. 

When websites go down, we can understand. Nothing can be perfect. We get maintenance messages, cute little jokes couple with cute cartoon characters. It's all explained to us with nice apologies. But it still pisses us off. This is the future. If we want to check out which celebrity is saying something slightly controversial to another, we don't want a big fat Fail Whale being stuck in our face. We understand things go wrong, but we don't have to be okay with it.

The site's still down, there's only 35 minutes left now. How dare they take away my perfect post rate. I feel so helpless. So when this is posted past midnight, to those of you who care enough to check up on me every day, just know it's not my fault. The internet broke. And I'm not happy.

My rating: 0/5

Oh wait, it's up again now, and I can change the date stamp. That's cool.

My rating: 1/5

Oh wait, Wednesday's review has been deleted. Fffffffuuuuuu...

My rating: -1/5

Now it's back, but I'm still annoyed.

My rating: 0/5

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