Saturday 28 May 2011

Today's Review: Tesco Roast Potatoes

Another Saturday night working, another trip to discover reduced goodies in Tesco. This time I picked up a pot of pasta that was probably way too big for one person, but it was all good. At a routine stop by the hot deli for reduced chicken and sausages and the like, I discovered a new wonder, roast potatoes. My my, how could I resist? And at 65p too. Turns out I probably should've resisted.

Look at that. It even looks soggy. Because, y'know, they're soggy. It seems like they've been boiled until they're soft, roasted for about 10 minutes, to give that nice burnt edge look, and then boiled some more and dumped in a bag. They have that melt in the mouth factor, but only because they slosh around until they break down to nothing. Well, at least they tasted like potatoes, and they're hot, but they could do so much better.

Of course, I say this because over the last couple of years I have perfected my roast potatoes. My roast potatoes are so awesome they're as good, if not better than my future mother in law's. And I construct them using mere potatoes and salt taken from the aisles of Tesco, and it takes little effort to get them awesome. Not sure how they'd do under a glaring hot plate for a few hours, but they'd certainly be better than this, all salty and crunchy and awesome. If you think I'm tooting my own horn here, you should hear me go on about my yorkshire puddings, because they are the absolute bomb. 

So yes, disappointing. Tesco should therefore hire me as a full time roast potato maker, 'cause they're doing it wrong.

My rating: 1/5

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