Wednesday 4 May 2011

Today's Review: The Boiler Man

My boiler shut off on Monday. Just completely shut off, without any warning. Because boilers, while being inanimate objects, are actually evil. They wait until you're at your most comfortable with your hot water levels and heating bills, and then they screw you over. Thankfully, I'm too poor to own my own house, so the repair was my housing association's problem.

But of course, it broke down on bank holiday Monday. That's another thing I hate about bank holidays, you can't get anything done. So there we were, waiting through the day, boiling kettles of water to pour in the sink so we could wash ourselves in a rudimentary fashion like cavemen. But the dawn of Tuesday came, and so I called the housing association. They can get someone out tomorrow, they say. We say can you make it as early as possible? The say sure thing, we'll be his first callout. I had grown quite cynical of people helping me lately, but the double whammy of boiler man and Apple have restored my faith in humanity.

I call him the boiler man because I didn't catch his name, not because he's a gritty violent superhero or a serial killer. He didn't call my partner "Love", he didn't stop for a tea break, and he was in and out of the house in about 20 minutes, leaving me with a working boiler. How totally awesome. I think I've been watching too much rogue traders because I am sucked into the stereotype of tradesmen slacking off and charging way too much money. Not that I know how much money it cost, because I didn't pay for it. Mwahaha. But the speed was impressive. And no spittle or butt crack in sight.

My rating: 5/5

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