Sunday 19 June 2011

Today's Review: Flake Allure

Oooh, how alluring. Cadbury seem to be going all out to get our chocolate money lately. We've had Chocos, Bliss bars, and now the Flake Allure. Much like Bliss, this chocolate bar is all spruced up with some lovely truffle. Chocolate truffles are a particular weakness of mine, especially the vanilla ones from Thorntons.

Excuse me, I was just wiping drool from my mouth. Let's focus on this chocolate bar though. Everyone loves a Flake, right? I know I do. I admire Cadbury's for their marketing of Flakes, they flat out tell you that it's probably the crumbliest, flakiest chocolate you've ever eaten, but they make it sound like a good thing. "Tastes like chocolate never tasted before" they say, but that doesn't necessarily mean it tastes better than chocolate tasted before. Especially if half the bar crumbles onto the floor en route to your mouth. But on this ocassion they are right. There's just something about the construction of chocolate bars that makes them taste different. Fillinf your chocolate with air can only be a good thing, just look at Aeros, Twirls, Wispas, Ripples, etc. But can the Flake Allure be better than the regular Flake?

Well, it looks a little bit weird. It certainly looks a lot more flakey than a Flake, and was evidently so from the remainder left in the packet after I pulled it out to take a picture. For a chocolate bar called "Allure" it certainly doesn't look too alluring. The truffle in question is just encased around half of the bar, leaving the top open so you can see its exposed crumbly brains. Why only cover half the bar? I don't know, but covering the whole bar would certainly be a good thing in my eyes, especially as it would contain all the stray chocolate crumbs. The taste isn't too great. There's really not enough truffle there to encroach on the prominent classic Flake flavour, but there's a certain amount you can pick up. It's certainly not as different to taste as a Bliss bar is to a regular Dairy Milk. 
The Flake Allure is nice, but only really because a Flake is nice to begin with. I feel a little bit cheated by the half-assed coating, and I wasn't really left wanting another. Just give me a classic Flake and I'd probably be just as satisfied.

My rating: 4/5

'Cause it's still a Flake.

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  1. there was another bar can't remember the name.
    same as flake/ ripple but this one was more like truffle inside with the smoother flake outer
    could you tell me the name please, it's driving me potty