Wednesday 15 June 2011

Today's Review: Leaving An iPhone On A Plane

Well, I've been home for four days now, and after much unpacking and searching we have yet to find my lovely lady's iPhone. I took it out on the flight just in case she wanted to play Angry Birds or something at some point, but since we both left the plane in a tired and slightly ill state we neglected to thoroughly check the pockets in front of our seats. So I guess that's where that was.

I would not recommend leaving an iPhone on a plane. iPhones are quite expensive, and if your iPhone is on a plane it is most likely turned off, making it impossible to call or track. Leaving this iPhone on a plane is especially annoying, as I have to call the Heathrow lost property every day to see if it's turned up, and every time I tell them I've lost the phone they ask for differing amounts of details. Make and model is pretty consistent, but I've been asked (or not asked) about service provider, what kind of case it's in, flight number and several other things. This is of course after a ten minute wait on hold for someone to answer my call.

In all likelihood though, the iPhone will not turn up. That is depressing, as money for a new phone is something we don't really have right now. At least the contract on this one is almost up, and I could probably get a good enough deal on a new smart phone contract, but still. Leaving an iPhone on a plane is a very stupid thing to do. Whenever I heard stories of people leaving their belongings on transport of varying sizes I used to laugh and think of them as morons, as I was always consistent with my checking of personal belongings. Now my track record is broken and I feel a right fool.

Pro tip: Do not leave an iPhone on a plane.

My rating: 0/5

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