Sunday 12 June 2011

Today's Review: Not Being On Holiday Anymore

You all know the feeling. You've just had some time off, gone somewhere nice. You may have relaxed all day, you may have packed your time off with stuff that tired you out but fulfilled your lust for life or some other such inspirational thing. But after you get off that plane, train or automobile and get back into your home there is a certain dejected feeling you can't shake.

I had an overnight flight back from Muscat. I managed to sleep, but not too much, I gained three hours though, so that's nice. But I still feel mighty tired, a little bit depressed. I could blame it on jet lag, but it's probably because we now have to unpack all the stuff and keep our place tidy again, instead of lounging around while someone else did it for us.

Some people like to play down their holidays when people ask about them, I know I have one time or another. I've said something like "Yeah, it was good, didn't do too much relaxing though" or "It was okay, didn't do anything really exciting". Obviously two sides of the spectrum, but it feels like it's just a way of playing down the holiday to yourself. Maybe if you don't look back on your holiday thinking it was the best time of your life you can actually bear being back at your boring home working your boring job.

But hey, we can't be on holiday all the time, and the grass is always greener. But that doesn't help the undeniable feeling of "bleurgh" that we get upon arriving home. We've still got three bags to unpack, but we just can't be bothered. I'm about to go to bed at 10pm, and that's unheard of for me. We all say we need a day or two to recover from a holiday, but it's only a way to adjust back into your mind-numbing routines. Or maybe that's just me. What I can say is that falling down some stairs six hours before your flight does not make the feeling any better.

Hint: This isn't the colour my skin should normally be. Still, it's good to be home. Even if I can't lie down properly. 

My rating: 1/5

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