Sunday 5 June 2011

Today's Review: My Flight To Oman

My dad lives in Oman, if I hadn't mentioned before. He's over there most of the year, and today we flew out to see him for a week. Unfortunately, Oman is a nine hour flight away from home, and we have two small children to entertain. We've flown that amount of time with Amelia three times now, and every time she has had an absolute shit fit when it comes to strapping in time. So I was quite dreading the things that would happen on this one, having a boy who's never flown before.

We kept the kids up until 10pm last night, so we could wake them up early and have them crash out on the plane. And so they did. Once we were in the air they dropped off almost instantly, leaving me free to watch a movie. But soon enough they were awake. It was good so far though. Amelia has learned that flying on a plane is exciting, and that putting a seatbelt on is not akin to being murdered horribly. She was easy enough to entertain. Finding Nemo on the portable DVD player did the trick. It also subdued Alex for a while. But he's a baby who likes to walk. So of course he started escaping the seats and walking up and down the plane. Still, no biggie. It's good to stretch the legs.

Lunch was fun. Everyone apart from me is a pretty fussy eater. So I got to eat both the roast beef and the chicken. Which in plane terms means choosing between sludge and different coloured sludge with a different flavour. Oh well, I ate what didn't make me gag. But the roast potatoes tasted worse than Tesco's, which is an accomplishment.

All in all it wasn't a bad flight. Nowhere near as bad as I thought. There were a few tantrums from the young man, mostly because he was tired or wanting to explore when he shouldn't have been. Also a slight incident where Amelia didn't believe that we had to stay on the plane at a stopover, and tried to get off. But she wasn't left in Abu Dhabi, so that's all good.

As far as flights with small children go, it was certainly one of my best. I didn't feel like burying my head in my hands as I felt the rays of scorn coming from other adults, so I'd say it was very successful. Anyways, from here on out it's an Omani themed week of A Review A Day. I bet you're all very excited.

My rating: 4/5

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