Saturday 25 June 2011

Today's Review: The Wait In O2 Nando's

I'm about to see Glee live in the O2. Haters gonna hate, but I bloody love Glee. But before all that, we decided to go to Nando's for some food, 'cause we bloody love Nando's too. But we ordered 30 minutes ago. I want to get in and take my seat, but nary a piece of chicken has touched my lips. Why, London? Why are you so busy? Why must a restaurant situated near a concert that is highly anticipated by Gleeks everywhere be so full?

But the wait is not too bad, I'm just antsy because I'm about to go watch something awesome. Waiting for Nando's isn't too bad, they have a good system here. So good that it seems they sensed me writing this review, as my food is here now. See you tomorrow people.

My rating: 3/5

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