Wednesday 21 September 2011

Today's Review: Lion Cereal

A Lion bar? In cereal form? What could possibly go wrong? We've certainly had an abundance of chocolatey cereals over the years, there's even been Cookie Crisp, which is just cookies in a cereal box that you pretend aren't cookies while people judge you.

What sprang to mind when I saw this box was a bowl full of chopped up Lion bars. The thought was appealing and disgusting at the same time, but I'm pleased to announce that Lion cereal is not like that. It's basically made up of three different flavoured cereal pieces. There's regular old cereal, caramel and chocolate. The biscuity part of the bar is obviously represented by the crunchiness of the cereal itself, but all in all it doesn't taste too much like a Lion bar. Why you'd want to eat Lion bars for breakfast though is beyond me, and if you did you wouldn't be buying cereal, you'd just be buying Lion bars because you have no shame.

So as a cereal it's not bad. Perhaps if they released it under another name it would avoid the expectation associated with making a cereal form of a chocolate bar. The taste is quite nice though, it's a rare treat to find some caramel flavouring in a breakfast bowl. The crunchiness is also satisfying, and the cereal didn't succumb to sogginess at a fast rate. If you're after something different, it's definitely worth a go.

My rating: 4/5


  1. I LOVE it it's my fave cereal hahaha NOM

  2. haha 1 review a day, wat a great idea, and simple.
    just had lion cereal lol, it is nice flavour, makes milk caramelly,
    maybe i had bad box from dodgy shop because mine was never crunchy haha.

  3. OMG!!! It tastes awesome!! I lllllove it, it is a smart idea to combine these yummy flavors, it became my favorite all the time, its also my "popcorn" when I watch TV.