Saturday 24 September 2011

Today's Review: Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil

Oh no, it's another horror comedy attempting to ride on the coattails of Shaun Of The Dead. Haven't we had enough of these? What more can they do? Turns out quite a lot.

Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil opens with a group of college kids going up to camp in the woods of some hillbilly state for the weekend. Cue the generic creepy gas station store full of menacing hillbillies. But as they leave we focus on the titular Tucker (Alan Tudyk) and Dale (Tyler Labine) instead. Though they are a little rough around the edges, turns out they're just two best friends off to fix up the vacation cabin that Tucker just bought deep in the woods. While they're fishing that night they see one of the college girls, Allie (Katrina Boden) fall in the lake and bump her head, and take her back to the cabin to fix her up. The rest of the college kids, however, are convince that the pair are hillbilly murderers, and set out on a mission of survival to help their friend.

This movie does something I've never really seen before. It takes the oft used comedy trope of misunderstanding and implants it perfectly into a slasher flick. As the deaths start piling up with Tucker and Dale stuck in the middle, it's one hilarious unfortunate incident after another. The college kids are gung ho and willing to fight for their lives, in fact they pretty much act the same as any group of college kids in a slasher movie, but in this case they end up being really dickish, and indeed the villains of the tale. Tudyk and Labine do a great job as the redneck pair, they seem like great friends and their reactions to each situation are wonderful.

The movie isn't too long, but in this case I think that's a good thing. If it had gone on for longer I think they would have had to fish for more unfortunate situations and the whole thing would have ended up feeling stale. As it is it's a well rounded and quite polished little movie, that has its hilarious moments. It is definitely unlike anything I've seen before, and it's awesome.

My rating: 5/5

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