Thursday 1 September 2011

Today's Review: The "I'm ... weeks and craving ..." Facebook Status

Oh yes folks, it's that time again. Women were not satisfied with plastering the entirety of Facebook with random colours which apparently pertained to their bras, but shh, that's a secret! Now there's a new status floating around which is less cryptic but more annoying. Now they must state they are so many "weeks", and craving a particular kind of food. I've read one of the original chain messages, and apparently the variables are provided based on the date and month from the accompanying list, but I see that's been disregarded pretty quickly.

So basically women are taking it upon themselves to find it truly hilarious to make people think they're pregnant. I know I sound like a complete sexist right now, but it is only women doing it and it is truly annoying. A man putting that as his status would just be baffling.

But who should I be to get in the way of their fun? If they want to post stupid statuses on my wall I can't stop them. Of course the annoyance lies with the assumption that it will help raise awareness of breast cancer, like the aforementioned bra colour thing. Here's a hint ladies, posting a cryptic status that no one knows the meaning of only raises the awareness that you are a bit of a jackass. If you really want to raise awareness then just put your status as "Breast cancer exists and it's awful".

But for those who aren't providing various snack foods they're craving in an attempt to suddenly cure an illness, I suppose it's not so bad. It takes me less time to skip over the latest annoying viral cryptic update than it does to write a review about it, that's for sure, but I had no ideas for tonight and I thought I could be topical. So while these statuses do annoy me, it's not something I'd stand on my soap box for, it's easily ignored, and while hatred against it is probably justified, if you just ignore it it will eventually go away.

My rating: 2/5

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