Tuesday 27 September 2011

Today's Review: Taunting People With Unreleased Movies/Games

Someone came up to me at work today and asked if a certain movie had 50 Cent in it. Clearly a movie connoisseur I know. Well, it wasn't out yet, but we had just had it delivered, so I figured the easiest way to find out was to look at the box. Cue the inevitable questions:

"You've got it? Can I have it now? Why not? No one will know."

Yes we do have it, DVDs don't magically appear on the shelf overnight, we have to receive them in time to process them and have them out for display on release day. No you can't have it, because it's not out yet, and yes, people probably will know if I give you one on the sly. But then I was asked if I'd seen it. I said no, but I will get it out tomorrow, indeed before release date, because I can. That made him jealous.

I know it's entirely dickish, but there's a childlike sense of self satisfaction that comes from telling people that I have stuff before they do. Last week I finished Gears Of War 3 before it was properly released anywhere. Feels good man. Especially when you tell all the eagerly waiting fanboys "Yeah, I've been playing it the last couple of days, it's pretty good".

I know it's not very nice to do, but it's one of the only great perks I get from my job. So while I do feel a bit of a dick after for dangling these things in people's faces, everyone likes to boast about things from time to time, so perhaps it's best I confine mine to strangers rather than using it to drive my friends away. It's all a bit of harmless fun really. Until I show someone a copy of Modern Warfare 3 and they physically murder me to get their hands on it. But that won't happen for over a month yet.

My rating: 3/5

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