Sunday, 11 September 2011

Today's Review: The Three Chocolate Chip Cookies That Have Been Sitting On My Fridge For Two Weeks

We had a party a couple of weeks ago for Amelia's fourth birthday, and many snack items were purchased. Some were consumed on the day, and most were finished up soon after that. But one foodstuff remained, in the form of an almost empty packet of Asda chocolate chip cookies atop my fridge. Often I was told to eat them, or else they would be thrown away, and every time I would vow to eat them. Whenever I saw them, however, I was never in the mood. But tonight I returned from work and saw the little guys sitting there. Three little amigos abandoned, just waiting for someone to love them. Love them with his mouth. So I did just that.

You'd think that after two weeks of sitting in the same opened packet the biscuits would be a bit stale, somewhat soft and unappealing. But these cookies have retained their crunchiness, and provided a short yet satisfying snacking session. These cookies were small, but well preserved. So if you're ever wary of those cookies you've had sitting around for a little while, just remember this review, and know that those cookies are still good, and they're just waiting to fill your mouth with their chocolatey load. If you think I'm being dirty you're just strange, cookies aren't sexy.

My rating: 5/5

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