Sunday 11 December 2011

Today's Review: Putting Plates In The Microwave That Are Too Big For The Microwave

I have more Chinese food waiting for me today. So much in fact, that I've had to stack it onto one of my big plates so it'll fit in the microwave. Of course, it's big enough to actually fit in the microwave, but once the microwave started spinning it was clear the plate was not going to comply. I spent the last two minutes listening to my plate fighting struggling against the very walls of its radioactive cell.

Of course this raises many questions. If the plate doesn't spin, will the heat caused by the waves be appropriated correctly throughout the food? Is the plate even microwave friendly? I didn't check. Is this food even safe to microwave? The answer to the latter is of course, it's Chinese food. It defies all laws of food hygiene and safety somehow. I assume the plate is microwave friendly too, because it is still intact. As to the heating of the food, not so much. There is a reason why the plate in a microwave turns, and it's not just to look pretty on the shopping channels. So while putting a huge plate of food in the microwave will make it warm enough to enjoy, and not feel like a hobo eating from the trash, it's really better to just put things in smaller containers and get that even spread of heat.

My rating: 3/5

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