Wednesday 28 December 2011

Today's Review: Tesco's Finest Cranberry & Orange Tiramisu & Pot Au Chocolat With Orange

Sorry for my short, shitty reviews over the Christmas period. To compensate here's a two in one.

I was browsing the clearance section at Tesco once again today, when my gaze landed upon some particularly interesting desserts. Finest desserts are always too expensive in my opinion, 'cause you don't really get much for them. So I like to have a dabble when they're cheap.

First up was the Pot Au Chocolat, which can be quite easily translated to "Pot O' Chocolate", seeing as it is indeed a pot of chocolate. It is described as "velvety smooth chocolate orange ganache made using Belgian milk and dark chocolate, topped with crystallised orange shreds". In layman's terms, it's a thick chocolate mousse with some orangey shit on top. Still, it certainly was nice, although there's very little of it. But it's thick, filling, very nice indeed.

Then there was the Cranberry & Orange Tiramisu, described as "Valencian orange and cranberry compote with Grand Marnier soaked savoiardi biscuits, smooth Valencian orange and Marsala wine mousse, hand finished with cranberry slices". My word, they like to describe the shit out of these things don't they? Still, it looks nice, and it certainly wasn't bad to the taste buds. Smooth mousse, not too tangy with the compote, the liquer taste was hardly noticeable. Perhaps the most disturbing thing about this dessert is it didn't flag up as a restricted item on the self checkout. If I were under 18 I could have made away with the whole tray, scorfed them down and gotten wasted, and diabetes. Oh well, also good.

These Finest things clearly aren't aimed at me, I couldn't care less about where my oranges came from, or how many vowels the names of my biscuits have, but it's nice to have a taste of the high life, although eating stuff from Tesco probably isn't the way to do that.

My rating: 4/5

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