Sunday 27 May 2012

Today's Review: Man On A Ledge

First we had The Ledge, about a man on a ledge, now we have Man On A Ledge. This movie is also about a man on a ledge, but also about other things, so I guess that makes it a little more interesting than the other one with a man on a ledge.

This man is named Nick Cassady, a man who just escaped from prison and now finds himself on a ledge. What starts out as an apparent suicide bid expands into something more as negotiator Lydia Mercer begins to uncover the truth about Nick's escape and the reason for his incarceration. You see, there's something going on in the building opposite, and what first looks like a desperate cry for help from Nick could all turn out to be a distraction tactic.

Well, yes, that's what is happening. While there certainly are a few twists and turns throughout the movie it lays its cards on the table pretty much from the beginning. It's more of a heist movie than any kind of mystery, and it pulls it off relatively well. It's just that the whole thing is populated by unlikeable characters. We're expected to be rooting for Nick once his full story comes out, but he spends the whole movie telling the cops to hold on a minute while he moves out of the way to bark orders at the robbers, who, by the way, are quite annoying too.

So yes, the movie has a relatively good idea, that is quite well thought out, but with a lacklustre script and annoying characters it just falls short of being quite a good movie. Still, it's the best movie you'll see about a man on a ledge this year.

My rating: 3/5

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