Tuesday 1 May 2012

Today's Review: Mini Dark Chocolate Toblerone

I got a tub of mixed mini Toblerones a little while back. They come in three varieties, original, white chocolate and dark chocolate. Probably the most boring varieties you could get, but hey, original is all good, and white chocolate, in my opinion, tastes even better.

But then there are these. I can't say I'm a fan of dark chocolate, but I enjoy it in moderation sometimes. But the Toblerone version is pretty damn dark. It's totally bitter, and the almonds inside only make the taste hang around for longer as you try to chew them into submission. Perhaps there are some people with more of a tolerance for bitter chocolate, but I can hardly stand to eat one, let alone several. I'll just stick with the lighter flavours, thank you very much.

My rating: 0/5

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