Saturday 12 May 2012

Today's Review: The Sitter

Noah (Jonah Hill) is a bit of a loser. He's been suspended from college and has his "girlfriend" Marisa takes advantage of him, and not in the good way. When his mother forces him into babysitting another family's kids for the evening, Noah reluctantly agrees. But when Marisa asks him to bring some drugs to a party with the promise of sex, Noah loads the kids up into a stolen minivan and drives on into the night.

Hilarity ensues, apparently. What follows is some pretty weird and disjointed stuff. I guess you could call this a stoner movie, because it may make more sense if you watch it stoned. Sure there's a plot, but it seems to be driven by thinking of funny situations for the characters to be in and just lumping them all together to make a movie. In particular we have the headquarters of loca drug dealer Karl (Sam Rockwell), which is just completely surreal and nonsensical. Sure, there are some good jokes, and of course the odd one liners from Jonah Hill and his typical acting style, but there's also the rest of Jonah Hill's typical acting style which can be a bit tiresome.

Well, at least we have the kids, and they're probably the best part of this movie, especially Slater (Max Records) and the out of control adopted son Rodrigo (Kevin Hernandez). Their performances were awesome, even though the rest of the movie was juddering along around them.

So yes, The Sitter is a strange movie. But despite the nonsense elements, I still enjoyed it to some extent, and laughed in quite a few places. If you're into your stoner comedies, this will probably keep you entertained.

My rating: 3/5

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