Tuesday 14 August 2012

Today's Review: The Colour Green

I never used to like the colour green. It seemed that out of all the colours in the world, green was the one that represented the highest number of disgusting things. there's snot, vomit, generic slime... Well, they're probably not all naturally green, but that's the colour you see them portrayed as on TV and the like. So I guess green has a bad rap in the media. 

But now I've grown up. My opinions have changed slightly. Green is probably still my least favourite colour, but my prejudices have faded. I have come to embrace darker greens in my clothing, apparently they can make me look quite dashing (not my words, probably not anyone else's either, I'm paraphrasing). I used to hate lighter greens the most, but now my kitchen has lime green all over it, and I have to admit that while it wasn't my choice, it doesn't look too shabby. You know what else is green? Old school aliens apparently, before they got all insectoid and gross, and although they'd probably try and kill us, aliens are badass. 

So if you really hate a colour, just give it a chance. Let it grow on you. You might be pleasantly surprised with which shades can change your mind. Sure, I still don't think too highly of green, what with snot, vomit, bile and the like. But green can also represent nice things, like grass and apples, and even though it is the colour of slime, that brings me back to the time when Dave Benson Phillips dumped it on people's heads, back when it was perfectly fine to do so. Those were the days.

My rating: 3/5

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