Friday 17 August 2012

Today's Review: The Front Page Of The Sun Today

This is it. This is what we, as a species, have come to. There are people who exist in the world, professional people, people in charge of a nationwide publication, who think that this is front page material.

I get the hype around the story. An average couple wins massive amounts on the lottery, everyone rejoices, it's good news for a change, it shows that any one of us can receive good fortune. But when the pictures of the smiling couple become overused, apparently it's time to trawl back through the story for anything remotely interesting. So instead of having a front page dedicated to any matter of importance in the world, we get a crappy quality grainy picture with a terrible pun and a headline that screams "Ha, look at this unlucky bastard, he almost got the winning ticket but in fact he didn't"

This is not news. It's on the base level of a gossip magazine. It's unimportant and opinionated. Oh wait, it's The Sun. That's completely normal then. Carry on.

My rating: 0/5

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