Thursday 2 August 2012

Today's Review: The Griffin Survivor Case

I got a shiny new iPhone 4S the other day, and naturally I was scared to even touch it in case I scratched it. But now I can live safe in the knowledge that it would be fine if I threw it straight across a car park. Why? Because I got a badass case.

The Griffin Survivor case is like 2 cases in one, but better. It comes with a snap on plastic case, which then fits snugly into a chunky rubber receptacle for ultimate protection. Just watch this video, see the punishment this case can go through. It may make the phone twice as thick, but at least I know that when I want to take this phone out to sell it it will be in fantastic condition.

Of course, there is some trade off, on top of the aforementioned chunkiness. It makes the phone pretty heavy, and all of the slots and speakers are covered by thick rubbery flaps which you have to move out of the way whenever you want to access them. That's the only reason I was unsure about buying this thing, I'm a sucker for nerdy novelties, and was severely tempted to get some video game related snap case. But then I realised, what's nerdier than a case for your phone that can withstand being chucked down an icy hill? It may be a little ugly, but it's an awesome product.

My rating: 4/5

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