Monday 27 August 2012

Today's Review: Strawberry & Blueberry Mini Rolls

If there was one thing I was looking for, it was some more Union flag themed food, because I just haven't seen enough of it over the last few months. I guess Poundland dug these out from the back room though, because the wonderful proud British summer is almost over, and everyone will soon go back to saying how crap everything is.

I\m quite impressed with Cadbury for making these though. Most people just opted for changing the colour of the packaging or the actual food for their special edition stuff, but these guys are adding in a whole other flavour. They already have the red and the white, so the blueberry was a no brainer. Good move.

Sadly, they're not too fantastic. The blueberry flavour is a bit too fake and intense, holy E numbers Batman! It detracts from the strawberry a little too much, and it give me the impression that I'm ingesting a helluva lot of sugar. They taste nice, sure, but I think I prefer the original Mini Rolls.

My rating: 3/5

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