Monday 23 September 2013

Today's Review: Brain Blasterz Sour Sweets

Many thanks to the very generous creators of Nanobytes, as they sent me another load of goodies to try out, in the form of Brain Blasterz, a range of "super sour" sweeties. There's quite a lot of stuff to get through there, in all kinds of shapes and sizes, so let's tackle them one by one.

These Brain Bitz seemed quite interesting. Very reminiscent of the iconic Nerds, these boxes each contain two different flavours that you can pour out in good measure. The packaging is a little fiddly, with perforated circles to push out and whatnot, and in the end I just ended up ripping the thing open to get at the juicy goodness inside. Which is exactly how one should describe eating bits of brain.

Inside are lots of tiny sweets. They are pretty much like Nerds, but softer, which is a lot easier on the teeth. The flavours are nice and very bold, and while they're certainly sour, it's not that intense. All the flavours are good though, and they certainly didn't last long.

My rating: 4/5

Ever had sour gum? I can't say I had, but now I've sampled some of this Oozing Brain Gum. The neat little skull shaped box has several individually wrapped gum pieces inside, and while they're probably the least sour sweets of the bunch, there was still a slight twinge when I first popped it in. Once I chewed, the fruity flavour came out, as well as the oozing middle, and that was very enjoyable. The gum is a very nice size as well, and it's perfectly possible to blow a bubble with just one piece, which is all I ever ask for with gum.

My rating: 4/5

Here are some big chewy sweets. I received Apple Sour Straps and Strawberry Sour Straws, but you can also get the flavours vice versa, which I'd love to try.

These are pretty much your standard pencil and fizzy belt type sweets. The apple straps weren't particularly sour or flavoursome in my opinion, but I loved the strawberry straws. They have a nice sour kick, a lovely sweet flavour, and the innards were wonderfully soft and chewy. A bit of a mixed bag for me, but perhaps trying the other combinations of flavours would win me over some more.

My rating: 3/5

Now we're moving onto the big leagues. While the rest of the sweets aren't overly sour, these ones packa real kick. Inside this awesome toxic waste barrel is a selection of flavoured candies. Each one has an extremely sour coating that will implode your face as soon as you pop it on your tongue. Once you've survived the first wave, you'll be greeted by some bold, fruity flavours. The blueberry and watermelon are particularly tasty. Once that's over though, there's a further sour surprise waiting in the centre. These are certainly a good choice if you're into your sour sweets.

My rating: 5/5

Finally, we have the candy sprays. These little spray bottles hold liquid candy that is insanely sour. I find myself wincing in anticipation every time I aim one at my tongue. The flavours are still as nice and bold as the other sweets, but the sourness pretty much overpowers them, especially as you're spraying straight onto your tongue. The tingly feeling will last long after the flavour has gone, which is great if you love your sour candy, but not so much if you want a nice, sweet experience. These are good for a spray or two at a time, I wouldn't suggest coating your tongue in an entire bottle though.

My rating: 4/5

So there we have it. A whole host of sour sweeties (some more than others). It's nice to see such a variety of sweets from one brand, there's something that everyone can enjoy, from a more subdued and chewy experience to full on tongue spraying madness. I'll definitely try and get hold of some of the other products that I haven't tried (I'm looking at you, brain gunk)

My overall rating: 21/25

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